Friday, May 20, 2011

US Crude Climbs to $99 a Barrel

US crude climbed to $98.85 a barrel today after investors took yesterday's oil price dip as an opportunity to snap up greater quantities of crude.

US Crude gained 41¢ to $98.85, while Brent crude for July rose 12¢ to $111.54 a barrel.

Traders saw yesterday's dip in oil prices as an opportunity to snap up cargoes amid expectations that concerns over supply from the Middle East would continue to support the market, reports Reuters.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


lama dah rasanya tak update blog. hakikatnya memang banyak kali nak update, tapi tak berkesempatan lagi. kena plak dengan keje yang tak pernah nak habis.

sekarang ni pun, aku update blog ni guna hp je. bukan ape, time bukak pc je, mesti dah tak ingat ape nak tulis. at the end, wat keje lain, kalau tak pun aku jalan-jalan kat blog orang...

well, nanti sambung lagi.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

SBM Offshore Wins $250m Contracts

SBM Offshore has secured contracts worth $250m to supply an oil loading system and design drilling ships and jack-ups.

Work under the first contract includes the engineering, procurement and supply of oil offloading lines and fibre optic cables to be suspended between an FPSO and its deepwater export buoy.

SBM will secure design licence fees from Hyundai Heavy Industries, which will construct and deliver six GustoMSC P10,000-class drillships.

The company will also receive design licence fees from Singapore's Keppel Fels and Jurong shipyards, which have signed contracts to construct and deliver three GustoMSC CJ70-class cantilever drilling jack-ups with international drilling contractors.
SBM has also received contracts to supply associated equipment for the jack-ups.