Monday, November 20, 2006

This is the blog from offshore

This is the blog from offshore. I’m writing this while I’m still on the barge at offshore Miri. But the exact location is in offshore Bintulu. The barge named Petra Discovery currently station at E11 Complex, which is I believe it already stay here for long time ago. As I remember my last trip a couple of month ago, where I done my commissioning work at E11P-B Platform, this barge is still here. I’m stay in this barge. At that time, the weather here is quite ok. The barge quite stable and you did not feel the rolling and pitching because of the wave.

But in this trip, as my chopper landed on the heli deck, I already feel the rolling of the barge. This trip was an urgent trip, where the arrangement done in just a few days. I just get notice to go to offshore on Wednesday and they need one of our engineers to be on board as soon as possible. However, there is no engineer or technician left in the office, and due to that, I’m the last person and who are able to go to offshore. On that day as well, they keep chasing me to go on board, and ask me to fly to Miri ASAP. Wow, its very tight schedule for me actually. Tuesday I just finish my Technical Clarification Meeting at RNZ Integrated for Sumandak Project and on Wednesday, I plan to have a meeting with Talisman Ltd for the Bunga Raya Project. But unfortunately, I can’t continue with my Talisman and I’m rushing to Miri.

On Wednesday evening, after a confirmation from Sarawak Shell Berhad (SSB) where I need to be on board, I went to KL central to get a ticket to Miri. It’s a long queue at Air Asia Counter on that day. From nearly to 1900 hours, I’m waiting my turn until pass by 2000 hrs. Finally I got the ticket to Miri on Thursday early morning. After I got the ticket I went to see my girl first to have a dinner with her.

On Thursday morning, I already go to LCCT and fly to Miri. Luckily the flight is not full house, and has plenty of seats. So, during the cruising, I slept over the three seats on board. Hehehehe… landed in Miri airport nearly 1000 hrs. I straight away to the office and have some short discussion with my boss on this trip. I prepare everything what I need for this trip.

On that day also, I arrange my trip to offshore with SSB logistic. And late afternoon they confirm that I can bring one technician with me. (Actually at the early stage, they just want me to go alone to offshore.) And also, they confirm that I will using a chopper to offshore and ask me to check in at Miri Helibase at 1040 hrs.

Friday is coming and I went to office as usual. After a while, I prepare everything and give a short briefing to my technician on this trip. Then, after finish we went to Miri Helibase to check in. Our flight to E11 is at 1245 hrs. This is not a direct flight. I thought only commercial flight have a transit, but the working chopper also had a transit. We fly to DD2 (Deep Driller 2) platform first prior to E11. This DD2, I’m not sure who’s the owner.

to be continue...

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