Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Outstanding Work

This week, after holiday there is a lot of outstanding work that I need to complete. One week of holiday during Hari Raya is not like holiday for me, this is because I need to work from home, and checking e-mail from day to day to monitor some outstanding work. Below is the list that I need to be complete by this week. I'm not sure, either I can make it or not.

1. Kumang Development Project. Telecommunication System Package 3. Done
(PAGA & Entertainment System).
Technical Clarification #2. Closing date: 8 Oct 2008. 12:00 Hrs.

2. Gemusut Kakap. Main Telecommunication System.
Technical Clarification #2. Closing date: 13 Oct 2008.
To prepare design for PAGA system include the block diagram.

3. Turkmenistan Dev. Project. Supply of Pushbutton Station. MCR-A & MDP-A Platform.
Prepare documentation for delivery and final documentation.

4. Turkmenistan Dev. Project. Supply of Pushbutton Station & Switch. OGT Terminal.
Prepare tag label and documentation to courier to UK.
To be prepare by Hamdi.

5. B11K-A Topside.
Project co-ordination. Submission of document and drawing. (Assist Hamdi.)

6. F23VLAP Topside.
Technical Clarification #2. To submit Commercial Impact due to technical clarification.
Require response to Sapura, Axis and SDE.

7. ONGC, Mumbai Dev Project.
To prepare budgetary price and proposal for intercom and paging system to SDE & Axis.

8. Kerteh OGT.
Prepare a quote for PAGA system.

9. Bekok C Platform. Partialy Done
Waiting for confirmation to site visit. Chopper & POB have not confirm yet by client.
Site visit to upgrade PA System.

10. Layang Drilling Platform. Done
FEED. Conduct presentation on PA system to End User and Consultant.

11. St. Joseph Re-Development Project.
Switch by MMC & Progress development project.

But, this is just the list for the current outstanding that I probably need to complete by this week. I think, only a few task, that I can accomplish. Other, maybe delay again.

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