Monday, November 14, 2005

bersambung... kenapa aku resign...

Ok. Continue with what I was writing last week on why I want to resign with this company. Actually today, I want to try to write in English not because of what but because I want to try to improve my English. If the following readers feel that my English is bad, please comment.

This morning, my colleague brings me and my engineer goes for breakfast drink. And he straight away asks me why I’m resigned. And he just know the news last Saturday

As what I told to my colleague, I resign is because of the management. The management makes me disappointed and they just treat me like.... I don't know to describe. After a meeting before my raya leave, I already feel that I want to leave the company. I’m very quit sure that I need to leave it. What for, if every time I try to improve myself here but, there is no support and they keep always said…. “Actually, I’m not just looking at your visit or your report, but I want to see some figure on the report and something. This is not enough if no figure.”

What there are expecting for the new people like me and the new experience for me. Last time he promises me that he will support… where is it?

Another is during the management meeting. A company restructure meeting. When I highlight what the problem that we having in Bintulu, immediate everybody point at me. The problem is, I’m young, and less experience, my engineer also young and he just have 1 year experience in this field. But two of us need to see the experience engineer/client to convince them. Our face is still like a kid and not matured enough to convince people. What we can convince is if we approach with experience people. However, when I stress this in management meeting, everybody will tell that… we also like that, people will look down with you but you just ignore it. The person who said that is just a service engineer and in my opinion, for his position that is ok, since is working after the project award. Like us, the projects haven’t start yet and we need to convince client to award the project to us. That is the different between us and the service engineer.

Last time, in my previous company, every project that we follow up, we work together with the management. If I got the problem, my management helps me to solve and most of the time we can solve it. And when comes to tendering as well we always keep together and never said that, “if I’m kl just do by myself.” As far as I remember, during my first year with that company, the management did not stress on the figure yet. For him, it’s too early to judge the performance. But, what I get here, after a month, they already ask on figure. Ahhh…. Suck… what he expects me?

Beside that, I’m not comfort with the place, where I stay here. It is more or like a store and what is my advantage as branch exec? Previously, they said, the company will provide the quarters for me and I did not think that this is how the quarters look like. As I said, it more or less likes a store room. Cooking? Sucks… what can I cook? It’s nothing. Last time even worst, uncompleted kitchen. But after the kitchen complete… this people mix the cooking with the non-halal thing. Oh god… its bad for me. Actually, I’m very concern about halal and non-halal food. So, when this happen to me, I’m very disappointed. Why they don’t understand for the muslim religion. Until today, I’ll do not used any kitchen stuff due to unconfident of the hygiene. Sorry for that.

Just for info, actually I never apply for to work with this company before. As I remember, my mother had talk to my neighbor said that, I’m looking for the job in Miri. And when my neighbor heard that, she asks my resume. My mother pass my resume to her and at the early stage, I didn’t know this company. Even the company name also I never heard before.

And at early stage also, I don’t want to move to this company and after my late fiancĂ© pass away, they start to follow up me and I can’t think carefully. I just accept at that time to move to Sarawak. However, during my last day in my previous company, I felt that I want to pull back my resignation. But I think it’s to late already since, every agreement is already sign off. I just follow the time goes by and at that time. I just think maybe this is my destiny. I also still remember that, during last time, when they follow up on me, they talk very nice to me and now, when I resign, they like don’t border on me. And one of the director who are talk very sweet last time also never call me and say hello or what so ever, asking why I’m resign. Huh…

So, now, I feel ok and waiting to start with my new company. Meanwhile I’ll work in Miri first before they send me to KL.

Kuala Lumpur…. I’m coming again…..

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