Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i'm fly again

hush... today, i'm fly again. but not to kl. i need to go to Johor.

as i said, i just arrive last sunday and on monday i settle down my passport issue. and on that day also, i get a confirmation called for me to attend the kick off meeting in Teluk Ramunia Johor. Luckly i got my passport already...

This time, company need to spend a bit for my tickect, because, airasia no more seat. huh, fully seat to johor yeah? actually if fly to johor from miri, i'm prefer to fly with airasia, not because of the fare is cheap but it's direct flight from miri. now, i've no choice and need to used mas, where i need to transit at kuching for a while. sometimes, not a while but take a longer time to transit.

for this trip, my schedule;
18oct 1425 : Miri-Kuching
18oct 1755 : Kuching - Johor Bahru
20oct 1840 : Johor Bahru - KLIA
20oct 2040 : KLIA - Miri

so, tentatively, i'll be back to miri friday nite.

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