Saturday, October 21, 2006

in Miri

at 2315 hrs... i already landed in Miri airport from KLIA. a very tired journey for me, because i fly from johor at that evening. i fly from johor at 1840 and breaking my fasting on the flight with a cup of fresh orrange and peanut. this is only complimentary from MAS no other thing...

afler landed at 1950, i rush to another gate to catch my flight to Miri. (landed at gate B6 and boarding to miri at get A6). i never get a change to have my dinner in airport. after waiting for a half an hour, my flight depart from KLIA. then, in this flight i can took my dinner.

currently, i'm at home with my dial-up service. so, some of the pic that i took can't be upload at this moment (lazy to upload because of slow internet connection). This morning, as early as possible, before the workshop open, i already there to service my car. this is due to this comming hari raya, where i plan to back to Mukah. (my grandmother hometown)

will update again later.

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