Friday, September 23, 2005

color of my life

aku terjumpa website ni dari salah seoarang kawan blog aku, nagacute. dan dia tanya aku apa warna aku melalui tarikh lahir. so ini lah jadinyer.

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?C?G???[ ?‰?C?I?“

YOU ARE ?C?G???[ ?‰?C?I?“!

You are Yellow Lion, with idyllic ways of talking and do not try to hide your seriousness.
You are plain and courteous person.
Nevertheless, you are not easily found to be off guard, and tend to be rather stiff.
You are always smiling, and you give a friendly atmosphere.
You don't mind being on your own, and you believe that one opens up one's own destiny.
You are an independent and a hard working person.
You don't tolerate compromise.
You are hard on your self as well as on others.
You don't look for help from others, and tries to do all by your self.
You are little obstinate.
You also think nothing of public reputation and rumors.
You will not show weakness to your loved ones, or complain about the work.
Your conception of life does not include depending on other people.
Therefore, you don't go after one particular thought, or be totally and madly in love with someone.
You will not act according to personal attachment.
Your achievement in work is constant, and is always efficient.
Nevertheless, you lack affection, and consideration for the others.

nak check korang punya kaler. klik ajer kat kartun atas tu.[kartun yang reramai kat atas. bukan yang singa sekor tu] tengok apa kaler korang.

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